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      Hi, I'm Mel !

      Wild soul specializes in artful storytelling & portraiture - Drawn to emotions and moody tones.
      I LOVE working with modern and creative lovers who wear their heart on their sleeves and are madly in love. Traveling the love wherever love takes me since 2015.

      I love to get inspired by your personalities to tell your unique story. Cause every couple, every wedding, and every story is so unique and different.
      I'm a bit unconventional and reckless and enjoy traveling around the world to create special stories and get to know amazing unforgettable people.
      Intimate, bohemian & adventurous weddings are some of my favorites!

      If you're looking for someone to laugh with, who will listen to you and your needs and be by your side like your BFF, I'm your girl !

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      When it comes to photography, my philosophy is simple — I want to capture you exactly as you are; true to yourselves and your relationship. There’s no forced awkward prom pose happening here - this is the real deal. I promise when you’re in front of my lens, I’ll make this whole experience feel like a really fun date with a third wheel cheering you on + making you look your best. I want to capture the moments that make you feel something.

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