10 amazing places to elope in Europe

10th September 2021

If you’re considering a Europe elopement then I’d love to chat with you!

As I live in the center of Europe (Belgium) I know just how fortunate we are to have a continent with such diverse landscapes which make the perfect backdrop for your elopement in Europe. I’ve travelled in more than 20 countries and shot a lot of elopements across Europe. The are so many options to consider if you’re looking for ideas for your elopement and all of them are so close to you easy accessible.

Covid time has made travelling abroad a bit more complicated. A lot of couples dream of an elopement in the Utah desert, Joshua Tree or in the Colorado mountains. I get it. But I’ll show you that Europe has a lot of breathtaking places that you should consider to elope!

Here is my top selection of the best places to elope in Europe in 2021:

1. Norway

Norway has a lot to offer with all its islands, forest and wilderness. Wheter you wanna elope in the Lofoten Islands or in a cabin up in the Fjords near Bergen. The options are endless. You’ll maybe be lucky enough to see the Nordic Lights if you travel as far up north as Tromsø.

And if that’s not enough, you can get married on a reindeer farm. Throw in a whale safari and husky sledging. How’s that for a memorable Norwegian elopement?

The Culture Trip
The Wanderer

2 . Iceland

The whole Iceland is amazing and offers stunning volcanic and wild landscapes that often feel like your stepping onto another planet. Iceland is pretty extreme place to visit with super harsh winters so make sure to plan your elopement between Spring-Summer.

The Ferros
The Kitcheners

3. Lanzarote, Canary islands.

Almost as beautiful and scenic as the Utah Desert but it’s in Europe so yeah no travel restrictions for 2021 !

Dan McCourt

4. Dolomites, Italy.

The Dolomites mountains in Northern Italy are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They’re some of the most beautiful mountains in the world and would make the perfect backdrop for your adventure elopement.

Kreativ wedding
Wild connection

5. Greece

Forget about Santorini. Too popular and overpriced. We’ve seen it everywhere anyways. Instead you should think about Rhodes, Naxos, Mykonos or Cyprus. Find a little cottage in one of these places and have yourselves a beautiful elopement in the desertic nature of Greece. If you’re passionate about Ancient Greece History, you’ll be in love with the ruins of Olympia or Knossos in Crete!

Lighthouse photography

6. Scotland

This is a popular place to elope and we can easily see why. At the heart of Scottish Highlands is Glencoe, an area of outstanding beauty. The famous mountain ranges make an epic background for an elopement ceremony!

The Isle of Skype is also one of the best location to elope. Scotland is stunning, rich with history and blessed with gorgeous Lochs, castles, mountains and foggy cinematic landscapes to dream for!

The Caryls
The Caryls
The Caryls

7. Germany

Germany? YES you’ve read the word correctly. Think about the Black Forrest, the alpine lakes, the castles, the vineyards and the mountains. Germany has a lot of hidden gems awaiting to be discovered. If you like the countryside you can still look for windmills, apple trees or rapeseeds fields. Maybe you’re a romantic like me so choose to elope in a castle garden close to lakes filled with ducks and swans. How does it sound?

Ana Paula Lobato
The Wanderer

8. Tuscany, italy

Nowhere says romance like Tuscany. Beautiful landscapes, perfect light, vineyards, olive groves, ancient cities and romantic sunsets. Italy always delivers and is one of the best choice for your elopement.

Daniela Marquardt
Daniela Marquardt

9. The Alps.

You’re a mountain lover? Imagine snowcapped jagged peaks, lush pine forests, pastures of sheep & pretty chalets. The Alps make up the highest and largest mountain range in Europe, stretching across 8 countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Slovenia and Switzerland. Most alpine communities still celebrate aspects of their traditional cultures, with farming & woodcarving continuing to be prominent in most areas. The alps are also famous for their iconic peaks, such as Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, and also for their top-class winter sports and hiking.

Summer in the Alps might conjure up visions of the Sound of Music or hiking tours to quaint mountain huts. Perhaps it makes you think lush alpine meadows and jangling cowbells, men in lederhosen and women in dirndls. Summer in the alps is magical!

Lilly Red
Lilly Red

10. Portugal.

First, weather is always nice and warm. Food is delicious. People are friendly and welcoming. Country is safe. The Algarve is the beautiful coastline of southern Portugal, a region rich in culture and staggering in beauty. Expect hills, cliffs and amazing landscapes here ! Oh, and please count the Azores in.

Hugo Coelho
Hugo Coelho


These locations look incredible! I’m so happy that I can call Scotland my home at this moment 🙂

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