5 Tips for shy couples in front of a camera

25th November 2022
Are you a little bit nervous before your big day? You have a love session coming and you’re stressing out? These 5 tips for shy people will help even the most reserved and introverted couples shine in front of a camera.

I feel you my lovelies! I’m aware that being in front of a camera is not a normal thing to do. Most people don’t necessarily enjoy having their photo taken and the high-pressure environment can add to the nerves. I personally enjoy being behind the camera a lot more than in front of it. I’ve learned a few tips throughout the years so I’m happy to share them with you.

Tip #1 / Get inspired and do some research

Internet is your best friend here! Go check Instagram, Pinterest and wedding blogs. Pin your favorites pictures and create a mood board or inspiration board. This is not only a great occasion to get excited by your wedding preparation but also this will give you ideas of how couples pose and interact with each other during a photoshoot. Of course each photographer is different but a lot of us use a combination of direction techniques and poses to help relax the couples we’re working with.

Tip #2 / Get relaxed and true to yourselves

Yeah I know this seems quite obvious but what I wanna tell you is that taking this important downtime will allow you to approach your photo session with a clear mind and ease into it naturally. So breathe, keep calm and take this thing lightly and with a candid approach. I’m here to photograph you as you truly are so don’t try to play a role or be someone else here. Stay true to yourself.

Also if you’re prepping for a Love Session, having your hair & makeup done by a professional will give you a bit more confidence. Trust me with that. Of course you don’t have to put on the whole sexy-glamourous thing but a natural and soft eyes + face makeup and a lovely hairstyle will make the difference.

Choose your favorites jeans or dress, put on your go-to fedora hat, your favorite jewellery and here we go: you’ll have that hint of confidence you just needed. Don’t know what to wear for your Love Session ? Check the Pinterest board I created to give you outfits inspiration.

Don’t forget that the most important thing is to come as you are.

Tip #3/ Act like if you were all alone in the world

Let me tell you a BIG scoopy news: there will only be 3 persons during your photoshoot. Both of you + your photographer (Okay sometimes your dog). Nobody else will be watching or judging you.

So don’t be afraid to cuddle, kiss, be mushy and lovey-dovey.

Act as if no one is around and don’t worry, you won’t make your photographer feel uncomfortable. They’re used to it and actually this is all they’re waiting for.

There’s no doubt that you’ll be filled with a crazy amount of love for your significant other. Show off your love, flaunt it in front of the camera. Your love for each other will be clear for the world to see in your final images.

Tip #4 / Book a pre-wedding shoot

I HIGHLY recommend you book a pre-wedding shoot (aka engagement session) before your wedding if your budget allows it. It’s an awesome way to get to know your photographer and watch him/her work before your big day. You’ll test what poses and shots work for you and you’ll create a relationship with your photographer. This session will help you AND your photographer to be more relaxed on your wedding day but you’ll also receive beautiful images you can use for Save the Date or wedding invitations and that will last forever.

Tip #5 / Trust your photographer !

Probably one of the most important of all. Trust your photographer. He/she knows what he/she’s doing. We have a lot of experience and we’ve been there many times. What I personally like to do is to bring a Bluetooth speaker and play some music during the photoshoot so there is no awkward silences. I also love to talk with you and tell jokes hoping to make you laugh during the shoot. This is the best way to capture a genuine laugh.

For longer photoshoot I bring snacks and drinks so sometimes it turns out into a pic-nic session haha but this surely help to chill everyone out.

I hope these 5 tips have helped you get prepped for your photoshoot.

Thank you for reading me. Check my other articles here


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