Oh Hey I'm Mel !

I'm a full time nomadic wedding photographer currently based in Brussels, Belgium.
When I'm not third-wheeling cute couples with my camera or on the road, I'm usually snuggled up with my cats Suki & Neko-San, playing the guitar, watering my jungle plants, enjoying music in a gig or Festival or traveling the world and exploring the outdoors.

I love tattoos, wild & desertic places, freakin' BIG rock & native jewellery, prog/psych rock music, roadtrips, playing the guitar, analog photography.
Anything out of the ordinary blows my mind. I dig creative non-traditional & intimate weddings.
I've always been heavily drawn to the great outdoors. Anywhere and everywhere, I'm down to go! Wherever I am, my camera is attached at the hip. Adventure sessions, destination weddings and elopements are always so incredibly fun.

Inspiration comes from human connection and documenting the love between two people. My passion is photographing amazingly adventurous couples that are madly in love and those who are never afraid to let their hair down, I hope that’s you!
This is me in a nutshell. I can’t wait to get to know you!
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