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Album FAQs

• How long does it take to get my album?

From the time you order your album to it being on your doorstep is under 4 weeks. Usually quicker than that! It takes a while because these albums are all handmade, one by one, bound and stitched and printed to make sure they're super duper high quality.

• What type of paper are the albums printed on?

Each album is printed on a clean, bright white, smooth matte paper with exceptional image sharpness and an exceedingly smooth surface.

• How do I know what images will be in my album?

Go through your online gallery, pick your favorite 60-80 images, and then share those favorites with me. I'll use these images to design your album so it's full of all your faves!

• How many changes can we make before sending the album to printing?

There are two rounds of editing included and you can make as many changes you want during that time. If you feel you need more changes to be done after these 2 rounds, the extra alterations will be the subject of a 40€ additional cost.

• How can we pay?

Payments must be fully completed within 2 weeks after your order and before sending album for printing. I accept Paypal, bank transfer and cash.

• How will we receive our album?

Your album will be delivered at your doorstep by Bpost (Belgian post service) or DHL. I cover all the shipping costs including for international postage. Please be aware that taxes and duties for non-European shipment may be at your own charge.
If you live at a close range from my office in Brussels, I can also deliver your album in person directly to you :)

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