Authentic Vintage wedding in Brussels, Belgium

2nd February 2023


I’m still amazed by the beauty of Salvi & Simon’s wedding in Brussels. All these vintage details and bohemian/retro vibe were a big part to make this day a very unique and kickass wedding!

These two babes are childhood lovers. They started dating at college and you can really tell that love is everywhere among them. Big loving families for the two of them. A lot of friends and, a sincere and true love that you can feel just by the way they look at each other.

Abbaye of Nizelles is absolutely gorgeous and surrounded by fields and nature. A really peaceful place perfect near Brussels city hubbub. The Ceremony took place in the garden, I almost got tears I have to admit.

That’s what happen when you have a real connection with the lovers you meet, spend several months preparing wedding with, and finally admire the result of their dream. 

I’m just blessed and thankful for the trust they put in me to capture this Day.


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