Top 5 trends in wedding photography in 2023

12th August 2023

2023 Top wedding trends

As the world of wedding photography continues to evolve, new trends emerge that shape how couples choose to immortalize their special day. From the resurgence of film photography to the creative use of flash, these trends are influencing the way photographers capture those fleeting moments of love, joy, and emotion. In this article, we’ll explore five current trends that are making waves in the world of wedding photography, adding a touch of nostalgia and creativity to the timeless art of documenting love stories.

1/ The Artful use of FLASH

Flash photography has evolved from being a mere source of illumination to a powerful tool for artistic expression that is SOOOO trendy right now! Wedding photographers are using flash to create dramatic and captivating images in an artful way that tell a story through light and shadow.

The strategic use of off-camera flash allows photographers to craft unique compositions, adding depth and dimension to their shots. This trend brings a cinematic quality to wedding photos, enhancing the mood and atmosphere of each moment captured.

2/ Analog nostalgia

In a delightful twist that pays homage to the past, film photography is experiencing a remarkable revival in the world of weddings. Captivated by its timeless charm and distinctive aesthetic, couples and photographers alike are falling in love with the art of capturing moments on film. The current trend of incorporating film photography into weddings adds a touch of nostalgia and an air of elegance to the celebration, resulting in truly enchanting and unforgettable images.

Film photography resonates deeply with couples who seek an authentic, unfiltered representation of their special day. With its soft tones, rich textures, and a unique blend of light and shadow, film captures the nuances and emotions of the moment in a way that digital photography often struggles to emulate. In an era dominated by digital imagery, the resurgence of film offers a return to the purity and artistry of the craft. I truly LOVE this trend as film photography has always been my favorite and how I get to photography in the first place. I include a roll of 35mm film in every wedding package since the beginning of 2023 and my couples love it!

The trend towards film photography in weddings isn’t just a fleeting fashion; it’s a celebration of timeless aesthetics. Film’s ability to produce soft, dreamy images with a gentle color palette evokes a sense of nostalgia that resonates with couples who value both tradition and innovation. The resulting photographs carry a distinct, ethereal quality that exudes romance and sophistication.

3/ Eco-friendly & sustainable

In today’s world, couples are not only seeking breathtaking images but also photographers who align with their values. The trend of sustainable and ethical wedding photography emphasizes environmentally friendly practices and conscious choices.

From using eco-friendly packaging to reducing waste during photoshoots, locally-sourced and seasonal decor, reusable props and accessories; photographers are embracing a responsibility to preserve the planet while capturing cherished memories.

4/ Unplugged weddings

In a world that’s constantly buzzing with smartphones and digital distractions, the concept of an unplugged wedding has taken the wedding scene by storm. This trend, which encourages guests to put down their devices and be fully present in the celebration, is not just trendy; it’s transforming the way we experience weddings. One of the most beautiful aspects is the opportunity to foster genuine connections. When guests aren’t preoccupied with snapping photos or updating their social media, they’re able to be fully present, sharing in the emotions and interactions of the day.

When guests put away their cameras and phones, they’re giving professional photographers the chance to work their magic. Unplugged weddings allow photographers to capture every detail, emotion, and candid moment without obstructions or guests unintentionally stepping into the frame.

The result? A stunning collection of images that truly tell the story of the day, unobstructed by screens.

5/ The editorial feel

A new trend is sweeping through that brings an editorial flair to the art of photography. The editorial touch, inspired by the sophistication of fashion and lifestyle magazines like VOGUE, is now gracing wedding photography with a touch of elegance and storytelling. This trend is redefining how couples capture their most cherished moments, infusing each image with a sense of grandeur and editorial allure.

The editorial approach to wedding photography seamlessly integrates the art of posing, taking it beyond the traditional and into the realm of high-end fashion and editorial photography. Couples are guided into positions that capture their natural interactions while adding an element of chic elegance. The resulting photographs exude a sense of refined poise that’s both captivating and emotive, turning candid moments into iconic portraits.

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